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ED Wipes Safe

Ready-to-Use Hands and Skin Disinfection Wipes for
  Infection Control

Active Ingredients: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.02%
Indication: Disinfection of hands and skin
Direction for Use:: Wipe hands or skin using 1 or several wipes
Content: 20, 100 Pre-Saturated wipes/pack (150*200㎜2 wipe)
Expiry: 24 months from manufacturing date

Features and Benefits

Approved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea
Disinfect various microorganisms effectively with Benzalkonium
Disinfect invisible microorganisms existing on hands and skin
Anytime, Anywhere Disinfect easily (No need water and towel)
Leave no sticky residue unlike gel-type product
Use soft touch fabric
Use purified water with 6 steps purification process
Complete skin test and contain moisturizing ingredients


Hospital - Before and after patient contact, Before aseptic task,
                   After body fluid exposure risk,
                   After contact with patient surroundings
Animal Hospital - Before and after medical treatment
Pharmacy - Before and after medicinal preparation
Postnatal Care Center - Before and after Mother/Baby care
Ambulance - Before and after patient contact,
                        During emergency treatment
Restaurant - Before and after meal, Before and after cooking
Office - Office equipment contact such as computer, notebook, pad, phone, etc.Coin, paper money contact
Public institute - Hand and skin disinfection at school, government office, public transportation
Personal Hygiene

- Before and after visiting hospital
- At the risk of infectious disease such as flu, epidemic eye disease, food poisoning, emerging infectious disease, etc.
- During travel, driving, sports and other outdoor activities
- After sneezing, coughing, nose blowing
- Before and after acne care
- After smoking
- After going to toilet
- Mobile phone, computer contact
- Before and after animal contact