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Bedside Wipes

Ready-to-Use Detergent Wipes for Infection Control
Active Ingredients: Multi-enzymes
Indication: Bedside cleaning of endoscopes, Cleaning of
  medical instruments
Direction for Use: Wipe hard, non-porous surfaces of
  endoscopes or medical instruments with wipes
Content: 50 Pre-Saturated wipes/pack (200*200㎜2 wipe)
Expiry: 24 months from manufacturing date

Features and Benefits

Hospital Grade Detergent Wipes for Infection Control
Provide superior cleaning of endoscope surfaces
Meets endoscope manufacturer's criteria for endoscope
Effective with Active Multi-Enzymes that breaks down
  proteins like blood, mucous and feces contained in the biofilm
  with reduced mechanical action
Lint-free, durable & highly absorbent wipes
Apetured wipes to ensure sufficient density for removing gross organic soiling
Supplied ready-to-use in a convenient dispensing container
Cost-effective, concentrated formula reduces per-use cost