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HMC NF Powder

Peracetic Acid Powder High Level Disinfectant & Sterilant   with High Material Compatibility and No Foaming in   Washing Machine
Active Ingredient: Sodium Percarbonate
Storage: Store at room temperature (1~30℃ )
Expiry: 24 months from manufacturing date

General description

HMC NF is a water soluble compound powder that allows, simply dissolving in tap water, an effective biocidal solution. The powder form means to save storage space and avoid the transport of liquid.


The HMC NF particular formula develop peracetyl and peracetic ions simply dissolving in tap water. The combination of pH, almost neutral, the peracetic acid biocidal properties and the superior material compatibility allows repeated rapid decontamination and high level disinfection of heat labile, reusable medical devices and instruments. All our compound powder products are Boron free.

How it works

The PerAcetic Acid developed in simple tap water simply dissolving the HMC NF powder is a potent antimicrobial agent, being rapidly active at low concentrations against a wide spectrum of microorganism. It is sporicidal even at low temperatures and it remains effective also in the presence of organic matter. The PerAcetic Acid has high germicidal efficiency and sterilizing capability and his degradation residuals are not dangerous for environment or toxic for human health.


HMC NF product has independent tests proven rapid sterilant properties across a wide spectrum of micro-organisms. Its efficacy against viruses (including enveloped viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B- and C-Virus, Ebola-Virus, Influenzavirus type H1N1 and other Influenzavirus Types), bacteria (P. aeruginosa), Mycobacteria (M. Terrae), fungi (C. albicans) and spores (B. subtilis) and the almost neutral pH makes HMC NF ideal for endoscope and medical device decontamination and disinfection. With HMC NF is possible the use in Automated Endoscope Reprocessing machine. Only 10 minutes contact time is needed for sterilization both manually or with washing machine. HMC NF has been independently evaluated by German laboratories following the EU rules. The obtained results prove HMC NF has rapid efficacy and suitability for endoscope reprocessing, surgical and dental instruments disinfection.


For operators and patients: HMC NF has exceptional user safety and a fully bio-degradable formulation. With HMC NF no needs application of Occupational Exposure Standards or Maximum Exposure Limits. No special ventilation systems or monitoring of staff is necessary, saving costs and improving working conditions. For the environment: HMC NF is Boron Free.


HMC NF has the widest compatibility with surgery instruments, with flexible and stainless steel rigid endoscopes.

Life of Solution

Full working day from activation, or maximum 20 cycles in Automated Endoscope Reprocessor, or until indicated by test-strip. (Merckoquant 1.17922.0001)